September 17, 2020

Condensing fact from the vapor of nuance...

I have wanted to tilt at this windmill for a bit, so here I am astride my trusty keyboard steed once again, full tilt boogie. A long time ago when the moon was a different shape, and the net was more use, and less www, under a nom de plume I maintained a rather popular blog, scrawled on the hoary loam of the ancient internet using a magnetized needle and a steady hand.  

It morphed through various forms and found it's final home on Diaryland for those that remember! I was young and wrote for popularity, I wrote because other people would quote me, because I had a deep seated need to impress, writing felt like something only a few people could do and it made me feel special. I haven't felt like I deserved to even strive for accolades in a very, very long time, but hey the times, they are a changing.

A friend, whose writing I admire, dredged up the itch with his constantly evolving and rather polished writing style, his dedication to the craft gives my soul sustenance, helps me stay my hand when I start to delete everything I've ever written out of frustration. I think about him and how we were writing for nanowrimo once on a regular basis. We haven't spoken in a while and I miss him. I don't call many friend.

If you'd like to read his wordsmithing you can find his blog here he is a superlative human being and touching his life (even tangentially through reading his rants, wisdom and mutterings) is something that can only improve yours. I know, because his kindness helped me through a very dark time in my life.

But, that is another story.

So yeah... I've decided to give it another try; and if somehow a grain of prose embedded in the previous paragraphs piqued the leaden curiosity reserved for the mundane mysteries we face every day, good! With the entertainment saturation the modern web offers, that's more than I could ask for!  

I hope to feed that ember with what I'm learning, what I am creating, and who I am. Even if my humble life is hardly worthy of record, I will share and by sharing, enrich both my life and maybe yours.